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‘Mach GoGoGo’ 1997 Anime Series Gets Blu-ray Release

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Mach GoGoGo CoverGet ready for another standard definition show on Blu-ray without the benefits of actual high definition with Mach GoGoGo, sometimes known as Speed Racer X. The series, which produced only thirty-four out of the original fifty-one episodes planned, is getting a single Blu-ray disc release on April 21st, 2017. It’s priced at 15,120 yen and looks like it has only the Japanese language edition for it. The episodes are all presented in standard definition mode but at least have the potential to look better than the DVD with better and more efficient encoding tools and more space to work with.

Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa with series composition by Masaaki Sakurai, Masami Suda handled the character designs with animation produced by Tatsunoko Production.

The Japanese cast includes Kazusa Murai as Mai Kazami, Kouichi Toochika as Gou Hibiki, Minori Inaba as Daisuke Hibiki, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Kenichi Hibiki, Eiji Itô as Mil, Kiyoyuki Yanada as Kratch, Motoko Kumai as Wataru and Showtaro Morikubo as Canan.

Plot concept: The Mach is a racing car loaded with a new engine “X” specially developed and built by a man named Kenich Hibiki who was a racing driver as well as a motor engineer. However, in a test driving made prior to its completion, he was involved in an accident and judged as dead. Meanwhile his father Daisuke who was watching the test driving all the way recovered the wrecked car as his son`s memento. A few years later the damaged car rebuilt by him revives as the new Mach which comes to participate in Grand Prix. This time, however, for the purpose to protect the driver from a possible accident, the new car is equipped with a safety system called “Safety Seven” with seven guarding devices. Also, it is loaded with the engine “X” that miraculously survived the tragic accident. Now its driver is Go, younger brother of Kenichi, who is determined to succeed to his brother`s will. In fact, he successfully participates in Grand Prix and keeps growing up to be a top racer of the world.

[Source: Mach GoGoGo (1997)]

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