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Reminder: Netflix ‘Cyborg 009: Call of Justice’ Anime Premiered Today

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Cyborg 009 Call of JusticeWe learned a few days ago that Netflix had set the first “season” of the Cyborg 009 Call of Justice project with a February 10th, 2017 release date. That’s now gone off without a hitch as it’s rolled out around the world with multiple language options as there’s English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish dubs. It also has Traditional Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish subtitles. The plan for the project was to take the three films and present them as a twelve episode series.

The cast includes:

  • Keisuke Koumoto as Joe Shimamura (009)
  • Misato Fukuen as Ivan Whisky (001)
  • Takuya Satou as Jet Link (002)
  • Risa Taneda as Françoise Arnoul (003)
  • Satoshi Hino as Albert Heinrich (004)
  • Kenji Nomura as Geronimo Jr. (005)
  • Mitsuaki Madono as Changku Chang (006)
  • Setsuji Satou as Great Britain (007)
  • Haruki Ishiya as Pyunma (008)
  • Yui Making as Katarina Canetti

The project has Kenji Kamiyama returning as the chief director of the project with Koudai Kakimoto serving as the director with it being produced by Signal MD.

The film has the opening theme song “A.I am human” from MONKEY MAJIK.

Plot concept: The story follows Joe Shimamura and the other cyborgs’ struggle with the Bresudo, a group of people who possess superhuman powers and intellect, and have manipulated human history since ancient times. Their goals are unknown, and they cast a dark shadow over the world.

Though few people believe in the Bresudo’s existence, one journalist named Lucy Davenport heads to Texas to contact a certain family, and she meets the cyborgs. The cyborgs themselves have been freed from their duty of protecting humanity ever since the establishment of the UN Guardian troops, and they now live quiet lives of peace. However, Lucy’s visit and the return of the Bresudo draw Joe and the others once more unto the breach of a new battle.

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