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Vertical Acquires ‘She and Her Cat’ Manga

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She and Her Cat CoverVertical Comics is expanding their Makoto Shinkai collection of works with the pickup of the 2016 manga series She and Her Cat. Produced with Tsubasa Yamaguchi, the property ran for four months and four chapters to be put into one volume as it came out alongside the short-for anime series that ran for a month last year as well, all of which is based on the short that Makoto Shinkai did years ago.

Vertical will be bringing the book out this coming summer with details to be revealed later.

Plot concept: The story revolves around She, a woman whose name is never uttered, and her pet cat, Chobi. Their first meeting was beautiful. One rainy day, She found Chobi abandoned outside and decided to bring him home with her. Chobi instantaneously fell for his kind and gentle owner. He had not only found a home, but also the love of his life. But can their relationship ever become anything more than just pet and owner?

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