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First ‘Atom the Beginning’ Anime Adaptation Casting Revealed

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atom-the-beginningWe learned last summer that one of the more recent Osamu Tezuka properties making the leap to anime was the January 2015 manga series Atom: The Beginning. Created by Tetsuroh Kasahara, it serves to tell the tale leading up to the events that most folks know as Astro Boy. With some of the basics set previously, the official site has now updated with the first pieces of casting news for the show with:

  • Yūichi Nakamura as Umatarō Tenma
  • Takuma Terashima as Hiroshi Ochanomizu
  • Yūki Inoue as A106

The first promotional video came out previously as it revealed a spring 2017 debut for the show on NHK. The series has Katsyuki Motohiro as the chief director with Tatsuo Sato as the hands-on director working from the series composition by Junichi Fujisaku. It’s being animated by OLM, Production IG and Signal MD with Takahiro Yoshimatsu on character designs and Hideki Ito serv ing as the chief animation director. The manga has three volumes out as of this summer since beginning its serialization in Heroes magazine. The manga itself has Tezuka’s son Makoto supervising the work and Kasahara has been illustrating it based on the original plans by Masami Yuuki. Plot concept: The story takes place in Japan after a great calamity. There were two geniuses who dreamed of the future. One was Umatarō Tenma. The other was Hiroshi Ochanomizu. The two labored day and night in robot research — Tenma to create a “god,” and Ochanomizu to create a “friend.” Thus a robot, A106, was born from their collaborative friendship. Would A106 really become a god, or a friend? The

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