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‘Kill la Kill’ Anime Returns to Hulu

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Kill la Kill VisualWith the way Hulu went through some big purges over the last year when it comes to their anime shows, it’s been interesting to see which ones are coming back onto the service. The latest one to get the nod is the Aniplex USA series Kill la Kill. While you would expect that the streaming would be of the dub, assuming that the Hulu audience is a more casual type than a subtitled-fan type, what we get instead is the original Japanese language version with English subtitles. The full twenty-four episode run is now available for streaming there.

Plot concept: Ryuuko Matoi is a vagrant school girl traveling from place to place searching for clues to the truth behind her father’s death—the “woman with the scissor blade.” The journey has led Ryuuko to Honnouji Academy.

Honnouji Academy—where an elite group of students is granted superhuman power by their special uniforms called the “Goku uniform.” With the power of the uniform, the student body president, Satsuki Kiryuin rules the students with unquestioned power and fear.

Satsuki holds the secret to the “scissor blade” and Ryuuko confronts Satsuki to gain information but… Was their encounter a mere coincidence or fate? The clash between the two will soon consume the whole academy!

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