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ADV Films Reveals Finalized ‘Mezzo’ TV Series Anime DVD Artwork

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MezzoSection23 Distribution is bringing out an ADV Films title in March that will be welcome to have back on the shelves, though we do wish it had been able to get the Blu-ray upgrade, with Mezzo. The complete thirteen episode TV series is now slotted for a March 21st, 2017 release date priced at $29.98. With that scheduled for a bit now, the distributor has revealed the finalized artwork, packaging design, and disc silk screening for the bilingual project.

Originally airing in 2004 for thirteen episodes, the series was directed by Yasuomi Umetsu based on the scenario from Takao Yoshioka, who wrote the majority of the scripts. With Umetsu serving as the chief animation director and character designer, it was animated at ARMS. The Japanese cast includes Miyu Matsuki as Asami Igarashi, Taichirou Hirokawa as Kenichi Kurokawa, Takumi Yamazaki as Tomohisa Harada and Tomoko Kotani as Mikura Suzuki. The English cast includes Andy McAvin as Kenichi Kurokawa, Jason Douglas as Tomohisa Harada, Luci Christian as Mikura Suzuki and Sasha Paysinger as Asami Igarashi.

Plot concept: Mix one gadget-happy engineer, an ex-cop with a serious noodle fixation, and the ultimate bad girl: the highly combustible result is the Danger Service Agency. Brainy Harada and crafty Kurokawa may not seem like the most dangerous mercenaries to ever hit the streets, but it only takes one look at Mikura’s skin tight body suit and huge pair of M1911s to see that she has the assets to kick some serious butt. Toss in Asami, the DSA’s new killer schoolgirl-in-training, and the DSA is guaranteed to fulfill your daily “girls-with-guns” requirements! Whether they’re working for sexy weather girls, friendly ghosts, or facing off against gangsters, trained assassins (or even extraterrestrials), there’s one thing you can be sure of: when the DSA takes a job, you can be sure it’ll pay off with action in MEZZO DSA – THE COMPLETE COLLECTION!

Mezzo DVD Packaging

Mezzo DVD Front Cover

Mezzo DVD Back Cover

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