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Tubi TV Adds ‘Blue Dragon: Trials of the Seven Shadows’ Anime Streaming

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blue-dragonTubi TV has added a good chunk of new content for anime fans to check out with the fifty-one episode run of the second series for Blue Dragon with Trials of the Seven Shadows. The season originally aired back in 2008 and aw an English dubbed release in 2010. This release brings out the series in its original Japanese language version with English subtitles.

Check out the show here!

Plot concept: Shu and his friends fought to defeat the evil lord Nene, ruler of the Grankingdom. Nene was defeated, but it was revealed that the true evil was none other than Zola, who was the avatar of the legendary Darkness. Shu and the other Seven Soldiers of Light managed to once again seal off the force of Darkness, but lost their Shadow Powers in the process. Two years has passed since the battle with Darkness. As Shu and Bouquet continue their battle against General Logi and his Rosekstan army, a new threat arrives. Powerful dragons calling themselves the “Legion of Elite Species” set out to test the worthiness of mankind, selecting Shu as the candidate.

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