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Tubi TV Begins Streaming ‘Tiger Mask W’ Anime

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Tiger Mask HeaderWay back in early November we learned that Tubi TV had taken on a number of Toei Animation titles to streaming alongside a few other shows and they’ve been slowly bringing them out. They’ve now finally added another one that’s taken just about a month to get on the service with Tiger Mask W now streaming there. The series aired its tenth episode this past weekend and the Tubi TV run has the first eight episodes now available.

The series will be directed by Toshiaki Komura based on the scripts supervised by Katsuhiko Chiba. Hisashi Kagawa is on board to handle the character designs for it with animation coming from Toei Animation where they’re working 2D and 3DCG animation work.

The Japanese cast includes Taku Yashiro as Naoto Azuma/New Tiger Mask, Yuichiro Umehara as Takuma Fujii/Tiger The Dark, Kenichi Suzumura as Hiroshi Tanahashi, Suzuko Mimori as Haruna Takaoka, Masakazu Morita as Kazuchika Okada, Ryouichi Tanaka as Kentarou Takaoka, Takeshi Kusao as Daisuke Fujii and Chiemi Chiba as Ruriko Yamashina.

The property is based on the original manga from Ikki Kajiwara that began back in 1968 and had a couple of TV series adaptations over the years.

Plot concept: The protagonists are two young pro wrestlers, Naoto Azuma and Takuma Fujii. Both were trainees of “Jipang Pro Wrestling,” a small pro wrestling team, until it was crushed by the evil “Global Wrestling Monopoly (GWM)” team. To plan their revenge, Azuma trained at the foot of Mount Fuji, becoming the “New Tiger Mask,” while Takuma entered “The Tiger’s Hole,” the organization that manipulates GWM, becoming “Tiger the Dark.”

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