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Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode #09 Anime Review

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Getting it done with sheer willpower.haikyuu-s3-9

What They Say:
Shiratorizawa gets a match point, which puts Karasuno in a very difficult position, but then Tsukishima manages to come back. All of the players are at the end of their ropes, but they continue to give their all to the last part of the match!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The final set of the final game. It’s match point, but the teams take turns going back and forth trying to gain that one extra point that will propel them to win the set and take the game.

Tsukki returns and he’s more determined than ever. His fingers may be taped, but the pain doesn’t get any better as he continues to try to stop Ushijima’s killer spikes. Kageyama also returns and is rested and ready to get back in the game. The remainder of Karasuno fights the extreme fatigue and finds it even difficult to move. Even Hinata is a victim of exhaustion, but the team fights through with Nishinoya leading Karasuno through their exhaustion.

There are no new plays introduced, and in fact, Karasuno show how strong they through their style of play. Shiratorizawa is no different and continue to play the way they have. Shiratorizawa’s coach, who sees himself in Hinata, refuses to acknowledge Hinata and Karasuno and even states that height will always win out.

The end is a complete cliffhanger with Hinata spiking the ball and it fades to black.

In Summary:
Hands down, this was the most intense episode of this season. I had a hunch the match would not wrap up in this episode and while that was frustrating, Haikyuu did a superb job keeping it exciting. I continue to like the variety of characters that are being highlighted and the emphasis that this is not an individual event, but a team sport. Seriously, if you have not watched this show, please consider taking it on. Even if sports anime isn’t your thing, this is a prime example of what shonen is and should be.

On a more melancholy note, Coach Ukai’s new seiyuu begins. While casting did a great job finding someone that sounds similar, there’s some undeniable sadness that a great voice actor is now gone.

Another side note is that the art is truly fantastic in this anime. The camera angles, the art design and flow of the anime is definitely top notch!

Grade: A+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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