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NBCU Japan Schedules ‘Zettai Karen Children’ Blu-ray Anime Box Set

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zettai-karen-psychic-squadNBC Universal Japan has a pretty interesting set coming up soon with the announcement that the Zetta Karen Children anime series is coming to Blu-ray. The distributor is looking at a December 21st, 2016 release for the set priced at 35,000 yen. It’ll contain the full 51-episode run plus the OVA for a total of 1300 minutes, which is a lot of content. It’ll come in a new box with a booklet but no other extras are listed for it yet.

Known as Psychic Squad with its North American release from Sentai Filmworks, the series is based on the manga by Takashi Shiina which translates to Absolute Lovely Children. The manga began in 2005 in Weekly Shonen Sunday and is still going on, having amassed some forty-six volumes at least at last count and as of this writing. And frankly, that’s kind of crazy. The manga did well enough in 2008 to spawn a TV series which ran for 51 episodes and had a recent spinoff and more mature series with The Unlimited. It’s easy to see why they changed the name of this release since Absolute Lovely Children is kind of wonky but could also be an eyebrow raiser to say the least through the retail chain and elsewhere. And honestly, Psychic Squad at least makes more sense and is more appropriate since I don’t think these children are all that lovely.

Plot concept: They’re cute, adorable and three of the most powerful Espers the world has ever seen! So what to do with these potential psychic monsters in the making? Enter Koichi Minamoto, the overworked young man stuck with the unenviable task of field commanding this team of pre-teen girls! Will Koichi survive the experience? Will the PLANET survive the experience? Find out as the girls get meta-physical in Psychic Squad!

[Source: Zettai Karen Children]

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