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Girlish Number Episode #05 Anime Review

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girlish-number-5Let’s make more fans and become popular voice actresses!

What They Say:
No one wants to get stuck in a boring profession, so when college student Chitose Karasuma storms into a voice acting training facility, she thinks that her future is poised for awesomeness. However, this bad-mannered beauty is in for more than she bargained for as she gets accepted into the talent agency “Number One Produce.” Together with her coworkers, including a girl with a Kansai accent and a cunning airhead, Chitose charges into the competitive world of professional voice acting.

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of this review may contain spoilers)
Now that Kusure is finally airing, the only real conflict for our seiyuu should be sticking with the series and supporting it all the way through. Well, for Chitose, this is a slight problem. Considering the platform she’s placed herself on is around the size of the Empire State Building, it’s safe to say that her ego has grown to be a little too much for her body to contain. So, as always, she begins to act like she’s a big deal when, in all actuality, Chitose is still nothing more than an amateur voice actor.

After the girls have their CD debut sell over 10,000 copies, Chitose and the other newbies wind up making a huge deal out of it. But when Chitose confronts Momoka and Kazuha about this, they have essentially no idea what she’s even talking about. Of course, Chitose takes this as a sign of what professionals do and, when it comes time to hand out merchandise for the series at Comiket, she [expectedly] comes off as cocky and uninterested to all of the fans that waited in line. Koto and Yae, on the other hand, are extremely gracious and seem to be pretty well-received all around. Another example of Chitose’s ego explosion comes earlier in the episode when she full-on disguises herself before going into and anime and manga shop. This girl needs to settle down.

When Chitose is finally done with Comiket and whatever else she’s been up to (Nothing), she decides to kick back and watch the video of the hand-out event she was in with the others. To her dismay, almost every single comment on the video was an attack on her persona, which we all know was well-deserved after every other girl was so much more congenial than her. Of course, Chitose throws a temper tantrum and says that everyone is singling her out and she didn’t do anything (Which is exactly the point). So now, not only is the anime series itself being bombarded with hate, so is the main actress. Even with all this, though, a second season still manages to be confirmed. Luckily for everyone, the Blu-ray sales at least seem to be doing well.

Meanwhile, back in the production sector, things don’t seem to be going all that well. Not only is the series not bringing in the money it needs to remain financially stable, the author seems to have completely erased the series from his mind altogether. And as if that wasn’t enough, the director and his staff are losing faith in the project. Hell, his production assistant even recommended quitting. Can all of these things be remedied now that the second cour is coming up?

Probably not! But let’s keep watching!

In Summary:
Girlish Numbers remains as consistent as ever in this depressingly Momoka-less fifth episode. Chitose’s ego is still managing to increase despite the popular belief that she couldn’t be any more self-centered even if she tried. While Koto and Yae do their best to stay under the radar and incessantly work toward improving themselves, Chitose remains in a non-existent spotlight growing dimmer each week. If anything, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how Kusure recovers from its underwhelming first cour. As for our main heroine? Well, I guess we can all hope that she one day learns that she isn’t as great as she thinks she is. But hey, that’s why we love her. Right?

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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