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Drifters Episode #05 Anime Review

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drifters-episode-5-2VIVE LA REVOLUTION

What They Say:
“Bring Back Love”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With this latest episode of Drifters, a return to action from boring dialogue has arrived! The ambitious yet highly untrained elf village is finally ready to put their plan of revolt into action and lawdy, it’s diabolical. This episode in a way serves as a disgusting example of what warfare used to be and Oda Nobunaga is the professor-at-large. Being both highly untrained and naive to the ways of war, the elves serve as a good representation of how I’m sure some of the viewers will react. Needless to say, the incoming human brigade isn’t at all prepared for what’s about to happen to them.

Throughout the training sequence for the elves, Yoichi (and us) learns that this race follows at least one trope in that they are very adept at all things archery. Back before being subjugated by the human lords, the elvish people were experts in the making and firing of bows, this of course was pronounced forbidden upon their defeat. Not to be outclassed however, Yoichi proceeds to put on a display of marksmanship that would even make Robin Hood drop his jaw. The ability to get these sacred weapons back into their hands gives the elves a much-needed surge of confidence before facing their opposition later in the evening. No opportunity, no piece of equipment, no scrap shall be wasted…NO scraps at all. Nobunaga’s fist barbaric display of wartime strategy sees to this perfectly.


Discarded into a large hole dug into the forest floor lay the bodies of dead soldiers, headless bodies (Toyohisa kept those), rotting in the open caked in feces and urine. Nobunaga hopes that these bodies will decay and ferment into mounds of saltpeter, perfect for weaponry. For the uninformed, saltpeter (potassium nitrate) is a key component in gunpowder and fireworks, brought on by mixing manure and wood ashes, so human bodies and their waste coated with ashes might work? Either way, this disgusts everybody but Nobunaga mostly, which is totally understandable. This saltpeter pit is not the only place that doo-doo was utilized in this opening salvo either. In order for the elves to fully dissolve their oppressive relationship with humans and defend themselves, their village and its water supply must be destroyed, SO guess where the poop goes. IN THE WATER. GROSS.

With their village destroyed, it serves as a perfect trap for the incoming forces, who are both fooled and destroyed with brutal ease. Drinking poop, drenched in poop, and shot with poop soaked arrows, the human aggressors die a death that is most smelly and unfortunate, leading to an inspiring victory by the elves! Toyohisa isn’t done yet though…next is the Lord’s castle itself.


In Summary:
Heavy on the action, but light on dialogue, this episode of Drifters was enjoyable to watch besides Nobunaga’s incessant breast based humor. It is encouraging to see the elves rise up against their oppressors and experience some early success rather than strife, though I am sure that is on the way.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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