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‘The Great Passage’ Debuts Fourth Anime Episode Preview

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the-great-passage-episode-4The fall season got underway earlier this month and the anime adaptation of the novel Fune wo Amu, known as The Great Passage, is still getting stuff sorted out for English language distribution. As a part of the noitaminA block, it’s streaming is being handled by Amazon as part of their exclusive agreement. While we wait for that to arrive, however, the noitaminA channel has now added a new preview for the fourth episode that will debut on November 3rd, 2016. Toshimasa Kuroyanaga is on board to direct it based on the series composition by Takuya Sato. Character designs are being handled by Hiroyuki Aoyama with Zecsx handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Takahiro Sakurai as Mitsuya Majime, Hiroshi Kamiya as Masashi Nishioka, Maaya Sakamoto as Kaguya Hayashi, Tetsuo Kaneo as Kouhei Araki, Mugihito as Housuke Matsumoto, Yoshihiko Sakakibara as Kaoru Sasaki, Chiwa Saito as Remi Miyoshi and Yoko Hikasa as Midori Kishibe.

The opening theme song is “Skiokaze” by Taiiku Okazaki and the ending theme song “I&I” which will be performed by Leola.

Plot concept: The series revolves around Mitsuya Majime and Masashi Nishioka. Mitsuya is a serious man who is a poor talker, and Masashi is a sociable man. The novels follow their friendship, determination, and passion as they work together to publish a new dictionary titled “The Great Passage”.