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KSM Anime Schedules ‘Tales of Symphonia – United World Arc’ DVD/BD Release

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tales-of-symphonia-united-world-arc-coverWhile KSM Anime has a pretty solid slate they’ve brought out some previous releases for this project, we’re close to the debut of the next piece with Tales of Symphonia – United World Arc. The series originally began in 2007 and was followed up with two more short OVA series between 2010 and 2012. This arc is made up of three OVAs that will be released on December 5th, 2016 on both DVD and Blu-ray and now the finalized packaging has been revealed. The sets will have both Japanese and German language tracks in 5.1 as well as German subtitles.

None of the shows have been picked up for North American release, making these releases a potentially affordable import in the future and possibly opening them up to being picked up in English speaking countries as well.

Property Concept: Two worlds exist, both unaware of the existence of the other. In order for one world to flourish, the other will have to perish. On the perishing world, a Chosen one is sent on a journey to restore that world’s mana by awakening the Spirits and becoming an angel. Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Sylvarant, sets out on her journey accompanied by her best friends Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage. As they travel further they meet more friends and even more enemies, while they learn more and more about the truth behind the World Regeneration.

[Source: Tales of Symphonia]

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