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Flying Dog Sets ‘Magical Girl Raising Project’ Anime DVD/BD Release Plans

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Magical Girl Raising Project VisualFlying Dog is handling the home video release plans for the fall 2016 anime series Magical Girl Raising Project and they’ve set a somewhat shorter than usual run for it. The twelve episode series is getting a four volume release where both the DVDs and Blu-ray’s are priced at 8,000 yen. The releases are set to begin on December 21st, 2016 and will run monthly from thereon out.

The series was directed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto based on the series composition and scripts from Takao Yoshioka. It was animated at studio Lerche.

The Japanese cast includes Nao Touyama will play Snow White while Manami Numakura will play Ripple. Additional cast includes Ayane Sakura as La Pucell Yumi, Uchiyama as Top Speed, Kurumi Mamiya as Fav, Yoko Hikasa as Ruler, Inori Minase as Swim Swim, Risae Matsuda as Minael, Satsumi Matsuda as Yunael, Asuka Nishi as Tama, Yumiri Hanamori as Nemurin, Saori Hayami as Sister Nana, Yuu Kobayashi as Wess Winter Prison, Kikuko Inoue as Calamity Mary, Satomi Arai as Magicaloid 44, Megumi Ogata as Cranberry and Rina Hidaka as Hard Gore Alice.

Manami Numakura will also sing the opening theme song “Sakebe”.

The novels began back in 2012 and a drama CD came out as well.

Plot concept: In a risky, unreasonable game, 16 girls are trapped. For the magical girls to remain in their positions at stake, a cruel battle begins! To fool, outwit, compete; all in becoming the only magical girl left. Then one day, the management arbitrarily decides that “There are too many magical girls, so the number will be halved.” One by one, within a span of a week, they decrease. While being under the mercy and toyed around by the mastermind, these magical girls need to come up with plans so they can continue as one. Transforming into being cold and ruthless, the girls still have their feelings. Will they be able to survive the relentless and cruel survival game?

Volume Date Extras
1 12/21/16 Soundtrack, Booklet
2 01/25/17
3 02/22/17
4 03/22/17 Series Box

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