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Haikasoru Announces Three More ‘Legend of Galactic Heroes’ Novel Acquisitions

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Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1 HeaderThe Haikasoru imprint from Viz Media made it clear when they picked up the rights to the novel series that things had to hit certain levels in order to really move it forward. Their initial pickup was just for the first three novels, two of which are out and the third is set for a November 15th, 2016 debut. With work on the third volume finished in-house, they’ve now announced their plans going forward. They’ve picked up three more of the books with hopes of doing more if sales hold or grow as needed. The new additions are scheduled for:

  • Volume 4: Stratagem – June 2017
  • Volume 5: Mobilization – Autumn 2017
  • Volume 6: Flight – Q1/Q2 2018

The original novel series ran for ten volumes between 1982 and 1987. Check out our review of the first volume here.

Plot concept: “The Golden Brat” Reinhard von Lohengramm, a military prodigy and admiral of the Galactic Empire, has ambitions beyond protecting the borders or even defeating the Empire’s enemies. He seeks to overthrow the old order and become a truly absolute – yet benevolent – dictator. His rival, the humble Yang Wen-li of the Free Planets Alliance, wishes to preserve democracy even if he must sacrifice his political ideals to defeat the Empire. Their political and military battles play out over a galactic chessboard in an epic saga fifteen centuries in the making!

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