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‘Landreaall’ Manga Getting Bundled Anime Adaptation

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landreaallPotentially serving as a trial run for something bigger along the way, Monthly Comic Zero-Sum has revealed that the manga seriesĀ Landreaall from Chika Ogaki is going to have an OVA that will be bundled with an upcoming volume. The series has its 29th volume set for a February 25th, 2017 debut and that will have more details in the coming months with the production behind it.

The series began back in 2002 and has been serialized very consistently and had the 28th volume released this past summer.

Plot concept: The alternate-world story begins with the journey of the would-be hero DX to save Marion, who has sealed a fire dragon threatening the land. DX is the heir of the lord of the town Ekariipu, and he is also potentially in the line of succession for the royal throne. He encounters Marion, a girl who dwells in the mighty tree that protects Ekariipu, and falls in love with her. However, if Marion’s soul gets close to a human, that would resurrect the fire dragon she has sealed away. DX embarks on an adventure to learn the secrets to freeing Marion and vanquishing the dragon.

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