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Amanchu! Episode #12 Anime Review (Season Finale)

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Amanchu! Episode #12
Amanchu! Episode #12

Into the deep.

What They Say:
Episode #12: “The Story of the Blue World”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Before dawn, Katori-san whisks her students away on a long drive. Their destination is the beach of Osezaki, a real location up the coast from where the show takes place, and a hot spot for divers. (Here’s a google map of the spot, the animators must have had a fun road trip!) Groggy from the drive, the kids find the beach bustling with divers getting ready to head out. So our group sets out their tarp and starts getting ready for the dive.

Everyone pairs off, except for the instructor, and Teko and Pikari go through with their buddy check. The first order of business is to snorkel out to a buoy set up as a diving location marker. Then everyone hits the waves and leaves the cats in the care of the other two divers from Amanchu, who were also there.

Tragedy almost strikes when Teko somehow loses a fin in her trip out to the buoy. Another diver comes to her rescue and returns it before there’s time to panic about it. It sets Teko’s mind at ease because out at the buoy the water is so deep you can’t spot bottom. A rope descends into the water below, out of sight.

Then the real test begins and down they go. Teko remains calm during the long trip down, and when the ocean floor comes into view all the anxiety is forgotten. Momentarily, at least. This is, after all, Futaba’s diving test. Katori soon pulls out a magnet board and starts to drill Teko on all the important parts. She passes everything, even if the buoyancy part takes a few tries to get right.

Then it’s on to the fun of diving. The girls go around looking at the various fish and other critters. I was half expecting the animators to glamorize the experience, but they don’t go overboard with the visuals. The underwater parts aren’t candy-colored, keeping the look closer to what you’d actually see while diving. That includes sticking to depicting the fish local to that diving spot.


After the dive, the others are exhausted, but Teko is giddy as she fills out her dive log. Her teacher is happy to report that she passes her certification exam, and she receives a nice round of applause for her struggle.

Later, down at the dock, the two friends reflect on their day and both thank each other. We know why Teko thanks Pikari, the green haired girl gave Teko some passion in her life. Why was Pikari thanking Teko? Well, it turns out that Pikari had an ulterior motive. From the moment she laid eyes of Futaba she wanted to take the other girl, whom she thought looked like a mermaid, diving. Not everyone appreciates Pikari’s enthusiasm or personality. Teko was literally, the woman of her dreams.

Thus Futaba and Hikaru walk into the sunset holding hands. Fun for all, all for fun.


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