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First ‘Zaregoto’ Anime DVD/BD Cover Art Arrives

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The OVA series adapting the Zaregoto project had its full slate of dates revealed recently with Aniplex Japan handling the distribution for it. With it just about a month away, the first artwork reveal has arrived that gives us a nicely stylized view of the first volume. Details are still slim overall but the project is getting an eight-episode run that begins on October 2016, 2016 and ends on May 24th, 2017 with new volumes out monthly. Priced at 3,600 yen per volume, it’s expect each episode will be roughly around thirty minutes. All releases are being solicited as limited editions with the DVDs and Blu-ray’s priced the same at 3,600 yen each.

Plot concept: The story revolves around the protagonist “I” and the murders and mysteries he encounters. He tries in vain to stay out of the story, but instead he always gets dragged into the center of everything. Even though it seems that he contributes a lot, he always finds out that whatever he did was meaningless in the end.

Volume Date Extras
1 10/26/16 Booklet
2 11/30/16 Booklet
3 12/28/16 Booklet
4 01/25/17 Booklet
5 02/22/17 Booklet
6 01/29/17 Booklet
7 04/26/17 Booklet
8 05/24/17 Booklet
Zaregoto Japanese Volume 1 Cover

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