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Another German ‘Charlotte’ Anime Dub Clip Arrives

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charlotte-op-01The summer 2015 anime series Charlotte was picked up by German distributor Peppermint Anime back in March of this year and with the first volume out yesterday they’ve brought out a little more to entice fans with. The minute-long clip covers an early part of the first episode and is definitely something that gives us a good idea of how the lead character is being handled in it.

The first is scheduled for September 23rd, 2016 while the second for November 25th, 2016, priced at 47 euros for the Blu-ray and 45 for the DVDs. The episodes will be getting a seven/six split across the two sets. Audio options will be the original Japanese language and a new German dub, both of which are done using the PCM format, and it’ll include German subtitles.

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The property is an original work from Jun Maeda and has original character designs provided by Na-Ga, who did the designs for Angel Beats and Little Busters in their original works. The series was animated by P.A. Works. Yoshiyuki Asai directed the series proper and that the character design adaptation were done by Kanami Sekiguchi.

The cast includes Kouki Uchiyama as Yuu Otosaka, Ayane Sakura as Nao Tomori, Takahiro Mizushima as Joujirou Takajou, Maaya Uchida as Nishimori Yusa and Momo Asakura as Ayumi Otosaka.

Lia and Aoi Tada performed the opening and closing songs respectively for the series with original creator Jun Maeda providing the lyrics and the composition for both songs. Background music for the series was done by ZHIEND with Marina Nakamura doing the vocals for it.

Plot concept: A small percentage of adolescents have onsets of special abilities. Yu Otosaka deftly uses an ability that takes over a target’s body for five seconds and gets accepted into a prestigious high school. Just when he is about to start a stable high school life as a popular honor student, a girl named Nao Tomori appears before him. Their encounter reveals the cruel destiny for wielders of special abilities.