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Dragons Rioting Vol. #04 Manga Review

4 min read

dragons-rioting-volume-4-coverSkimpy school uniforms weren’t bad enough … now there are skin tight swim suits?

Creative Staff:
Art/Story: Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Translation: Christine Dashiell

What They Say:
A swimsuit thief strikes! When searching for the culprit, Rintaro accidentally accuses a legendary dragon: The Dragon of Severe Waves – Rino’s older sister! And in the middle of all this, Keiko is attacked by a mysterious black beast?! Now there’s a dark shadow looming over the school …! Oh boy, the culprit of this time around is seriously tough. This looks like a job for Detective … er, that is Rintaro Tachibana!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Summer has arrived, and of course, with it comes what Rintaro dreads most of all … swim classes! He has a hard enough time avoiding the sea of bosoms in the classroom and now he has to be subjugated by them in the pool? Where is the humanity of this school, being forced to endure such torture? Even if he tries to escape his above ground prison by going under water, there is still the problem of scantily clad bodies down below. But of course, being a master of the School of the Blue Moon Reflected in a Lake, he is able to conjure a path out, if only temporarily. While the female students try to figure out what caused all of the commotion Rin makes a quick escape to a nearby rooftop in order to compose himself, but he soon realizes he is not alone. A shivering figure has accompanied him by the name of Marokichi, who soon informs him that he is also shy around girls. At last, Rintaro is no longer alone to endure his shame, but he must return to class.

After finding his way back to the dressing rooms, Rin sees that there is more trouble brewing as Ayane’s friends have cornered his two perverted roommates, Kosuke and Tamao; it seems that as the class was enjoying the day in the pool, someone snuck their way into the girls’ locker room and stole the Dragon of Flashing Star’s undergarments, and of course, everyone assumes that it was these two deviants, even Rintaro! After a quick interrogation with the threat of pain, and an even quicker confession that they had nothing to do with the crime, Rin takes it upon himself to find the true culprit of this heinous act. Using his superior abilities, he soon tracks the clues outside where he finds a suspicious intruder running away from the crime scene. Even after he confronts the female suspect, he notices that everything is not as it appears to be, since she is easily able to avoid and counter his most daring traps. Then the obvious point comes up, why would another woman want to steal someone else’s panties? And if she isn’t the thief, why is she running away from him?

In Summary:
Even after semi-conquering his fears in the last volume, Watanabe-sensei still loves putting Rintaro into all of these impossibly hilarious situations. But at least he now has a companion who is able to suffer as poignantly as he, but of course, there wouldn’t be any fun without the massive fight scenes which is the other signature of this series, aside from the excessive amounts fan service. While the characters were built up from the previous issues, it is refreshing to see the return of defeated foe, even if we do not realize it until the very end. I like how the story is hinting of all this intrigue behind the scenes of Nangokuren, but the main objection I have is that we were introduced to all of the heavy hitters at first, but there really hasn’t been any major conflict, even though we were told of the power struggle to see who is the strongest Dragon. All we have seen so far are small clues and build ups of allies, but nothing to sway the difference towards any one side. Let us just hope that there isn’t a rush to compact as much action as possible in the future issues once it starts to pick up.

While the casual reader may see Dragons Rioting as another shameless attempt of stuffing as many gratuitous shots of scantily clad girls within an issue of a fighting manga, then they would be missing the whole point of the series. This volume alone makes a valiant attempt of bringing friendship and understanding to the forefront, although it is hidden within a comical attempt to mask the true virtues of those qualities. Even if some of the jokes may seem lame at first, these values are still the back bones of the title, never mind that they are shrouded between bouncing peaks, as Watanabe-sensei so likes to remind us so often within the narrative. So stop your ogling and sit back for an enjoyable story, and let us hope that there are many more are soon to come.

Content Grade: A+
Art Grade: A+
Packaging Grade: A+
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Mature
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: August 30th, 2016
MSRP: $13.00

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