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‘Cheating Craft’ Anime Adaptation Announced

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Cheating Craft VisualThe Haoliner Animat League has another series coming up this fall that’s working off of another Chinese property with Cheating Craft. The project comes from the novel Suobi Yishu by Gemini Xin Luo and will premiere on October 5th, 2016 with twelve episodes running at ten minutes each. The show has Keitarou Motonaga directing it based on the series composition from Takamitsu Kouno. Mai Matsuura and Kie Tanaka are handling the character designs and it’s being animated at studio BLADE.

  • Tomohiro Yamaguchi as Mumei Shokatsu
  • Rie Kugimiya as Koui Ou
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Rinu Shu
  • Reina Ueda as Haku Ryu
  • Junya Ikeda as JUN
  • Yoko Hikasa as Anri
  • Kotono Mitsuishi as Ms. Ou

The opening theme song is “Kasoku suru Trial” which will be performed by Kamen Joshi while the ending theme song is “Welcome Future” that will be performed by Aina Kusuda.

Plot Concept: In the world where education is everything, if you manage to pass exams with your academic ability, you will start your successful life. Those who fail the exam will start cruel life. The world is capable of only developing the gifted from a young age with exams, and there are some people who cannot accept the destiny if they unable to pass the exam, and would do anything to pass it. This includes cheating and interfering with the exam. The examination hall has become a battlefield because people cannot do exams anymore.

L (learning) type and C (Cheating) type students prevent each other from interfering with the exam, so that they can aim for high scores. In order to prevent the L-types from getting the high scores, C-type students would battle against them. This battle also involves the examiners who do not allow cheating, making the examination hall became more chaotic!

The heated battle between Mumei, who is an C-type student, and Koui, who is an L-type person, begins! Can Koui outsmart Mumei and her tricks?

[Source: Ota☆Suke via MAL]

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