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Ozmafia Episode #09 Anime Review

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Ozmafia Episode 9“Field Trip”

What They Say:
Fuuka is an amnesiac. As she wanders through the unfamiliar town, she realizes that she’s being chased. It’s one of the mafia families running the town — the Oz family — that saves her. In a town where friendship and fighting exist together, Fuuka must decide who’s hand to accept. And then there’s the question: why doesn’t she remember anything?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With some decent silliness and still very appealing design work, Ozmafia shifts gears a bit this time to put the kids into field trip mode where they’re off and have some free time for an hour. Scarlet’s looking to hang out with Bercy but he’s disappeared and that leaves him to explore the town itself a bit, something he hasn’t been able to do. It’s nice for expanding our view of the place but you get the sense you’d get more out of it if you played the game. His walk has him encountering someone that takes him on a bit of an adventure, to a butler cafe of all places, and that just means more male characters that we don’t know being introduced to delight fans of the game. They’re appealing to be sure with the designs and color work, but it’s just so superficial.

In Summary:
Ozmafia plays up some material for fans of the game to showcase more characters but they do it without making it accessible to anyone who hasn’t played the game. And that’s been the most frustrating aspect of this show because it feels like there’s plenty of fun stuff to connect with here that I want to know about. The animation is what keeps me coming back and some of the humor that sneaks into it along the way but it’s not a show that I would recommend to anyone for any reason.

Grade: C

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