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Mob Psycho 100 Episode #06 Anime Review

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Mob Psycho 100 Episode 6Little brother, big problems

What They Say:
In a world full of spirits and the supernatural, the only ones who can deal with them are those with powers known as psychics. Self-proclaimed psychic Reigen Arataka operates as an exorcist for a living but in reality, possesses no powers at all. His apprentice Kageyama Shigeo, otherwise known as “Mob” on the other hand, is an incredibly talented psychic, but has difficulty controlling his powers. Together the two of them battle against the supernatural while Mob remains none the wiser to the fact that his master is a fraud.

The Review
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):

With last week’s episode having firmly cemented Mob’s character status for the time being, the show decides to shift gears a bit this time around. Instead, this week’s escapades are all about his little brother Ritsu and his inferiority complex towards his psychic sibling. It’s a bit of an odd shift to take after previous events, but it’s an ultimately rewarding one, as it offers a bit more insight as to just how deeply these issues affect him, and also ends up throwing one heck of a curve.

While Mob’s still busy processing how badly last week’s events ended for him, Ritsu’s caught up in his obsession with emulating Mob’s powers. This leads to him getting involved with a group of low-level espers when they mistake him for his brother, and when it turns out the man in charge is just a guy looking to get esper powers himself, Ritsu ends up taking an interest in them since his own goals aren’t too far apart. Meanwhile, the head of the student council, Kamuro, happens to have a brother complex of his own and decides to take out his feelings by taking care of the school’s delinquent problem, specifically one named Onigawara. Kamuro ends up enlisting Ritsu’s help to get rid of him, but despite the plan’s success it only ends up pushing Ritsu’s personal frustrations even further, and he decides to confess to the group of psychics that he lied about being his brother. However, while he hasn’t realized it yet, it seems Ritsu just might be developing some powers of his own.

Well, that’s the basic gist of the episode, but it’s definitely the busiest episode of the series yet, and there’s quite a lot going on here as supporting cast takes the stage this week. The line between Reigen using Mob to his benefit, and his actually being something of a helpful influence is still being handled pretty well, and he gets a nice little moment here as he once again tries to convince Mob not to hold himself back as his powers have certainly benefited others, and it all comes down to how he applies them.  Though surprisingly, the one with the best mentoring skills here turns out to be the Body Improvement Club president, Musashi who recognizes and supports Mob’s struggle to change himself, and later advises Onigawara towards doing the same. It’s a bit more than I expected from a character who seemed like he’d just be around as a one-note gag, and even Onigawara himself turns out to be a more reasonable than he appears as the episode establishes pretty early on that he’s just brasher than anything else, making his last scene in the episode all the harsher. As much as I enjoyed OPM, it’s one major fault was that Saitama (and Genos on occasion) was it’s only real character, and while it wasn’t afraid to occasionally hand others the spotlight, it was more to reinforce Saitama’s world view than to develop a strong supporting cast. It thankfully doesn’t seem as though Mob Psycho will suffer from the same problem as it’s clear these characters are a lot more thought out, and I’m plenty eager to learn more about them.

Of course, while other cast members were all great this week, the real spotlight was on Ritsu and his own set of issues. The earlier episodes helped in painting a clear disconnect between how he pretends to act around others concerning Mob as opposed to how he actually feels, and this one continues the trend as we dive even deeper into his head and discover something crucial. For as well put together as he pretends to be his lack of psychic powers has always been the one thing that’s haunted him, and he’s been suppressing those haunting feelings under the guise of being average.

In that sense he’s not really all that different from his big bro as both pressure themselves to hide who they really are, though while Mob’s real self bursts through his emotional impulses, Ritsu’s attempts to offset his insecurities are a much more conscious effort, as we see first hand when he goes the extra mile in ruining Onigawara’s reputation. This makes his developing powers a pretty massive swerve at this stage, since it’s hard to tell if he’ll keep trying to maintain his facade, or if he’ll give into them and become as misguided as Teru was last week. There’s certainly a lot of potential to be had with this, and after this week’s events, I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Mob Psycho can do with it’s supporting cast

In Summary:

Mob Psycho has a super busy episode this week, as the show’s supporting cast deals with the fallout from last week’s big battle. It does a lot in helping to establish that the show can hold up just fine with its side characters, and Ritsu in particular gets a lot of the spotlight this week, as it quickly becomes clear that he has a bit more in common with his brother than he realizes. Though now that he’s developed his own psychic powers, we’ll soon get to see just how far those similarities take him, and I’m certainly excited to find out.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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