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Dragon Crisis Episode #06 Anime Review

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Dragon Crisis Episode 6With there being dragons, why not wolf girls?

What They Say:
Ryuji attends a society party as a breaker where he runs into a mysterious young girl and gets to see Rose in a dress. However, the wolf girl Odd Eye appears at the party to steal Lost Preciouses! Ryuji barely manages to fend off Ai’s attack. Why did she attack? Why does she oppose the society? A new foe closes in on Ryuji! Odd Eye, a thief specializing in stealing Lost Preciouses of A Class and higher, makes an appearance a party Ryuji attends! Ryuji ends up face to face with Ai.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Dragon Crisis has had an interesting run over its first five episodes where it’s not exactly uneven, but it doesn’t follow a lot of the standard story structures that we see. It’s introduced a fair bit of variety and surprise to events as you can’t be sure exactly where it will go, especially with how it seemed to have an big event happen so early on that felt more like it belonged at the end of a thirteen episode season instead of the third episode. With the previous storyline done and thing settling into place again, Ryuji finds himself at a swanky society party where there’s some perks, such as Rose all dolled up, but also a fair amount of chaos when a wolf girl shows up and throws everything into a mess. For Ryuji, he’s uncertain what all this is happening and keeps most of his concern to Rose since the two are growing so much closer.

Everything gets more complicated when said wolf girl sneaks into their place only to be captured by the gang. Rose is rather amusing during this as she’s very protective of Ryuji at this point and views Ai as a very serious threat to her relationship with him. The focus on her acquiring Eriko’s earring has Eriko quite interested in finding out what her master wants and that leads to a bath scene of all things. It’s actually rather amusing with him blindfolded for it so he can’t see anything but still involved in it all. The domestication of the wolf girl is rather cute and it even has something of a rather dirty scene when Eriko uses the blow dryer on her after the bath and Rose fondles her tail far too aggressively, making her blush furiously.

There’s a lot of cuteness as they seemingly adopt Ai for the time being and get her setup within their place. Rose for her part is adorable as she shows off some of her new skills she’s picked up, particularly the cute flying she’s now capable of. Showing off her being a dragon shocks Ai though since it wasn’t something she expected. She tries to put up a tough façade but as it plays out, it’s revealed more and more that she has a very soft side to her that cares a lot. But it’s her work for her mysterious master that’s a problem since she’s keeping those plans a secret, which is why she’s being kept tied down for the time being while Eriko decides on the best course of action. The way they seemingly domesticate her is rather adorable as you can see it making an impression on her.

In Summary:
Like other episodes, the start of this particular short arc has an odd feeling to it where there are little possibilities teased out here rather than everything being laid bare. Ai is introduced as an interesting character with her wolf girl nature but there’s a real softness and warmth under the harsh exterior that she puts out there. Once it all shifts away from the action at the part and moves things to Eriko’s place, it’s more like the taming of a beast in a domestic situation and it’s humorous seeing how Eriko goes about it. Rose and Ryuji both have their moments as they shine in different ways, but the focus on Ai is what’s worth paying attention to as she’s the catalyst for events that are coming. It’s a very domestic episode for the most part, but it takes a curious turn towards the end that starts events moving forward in another direction that makes you want to come back next week. Rose is still the real draw, but so far this is a show where just about every character is fun and worth watching.

Grade: B

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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