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Ozmafia Episode #05 Anime Review

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Ozmafia Episode 5“The Letter”

What They Say:
Scarlet and Bercy are walking to school when they bump into Judie. He’s been dumped by a girl again, but he feels he will succeed in getting a girlfriend soon. Scarlet wonders if he himself will ever have a girlfriend when a mysterious girl appears with a letter and a gift…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As Scarlet gets more comfortable with the school, we see how he’s getting along with others, such as walking to school in the morning talking about the day and running into the highly energetic Judie. He’s amusing from the get go in just how positive he is about things and the two other boys certainly admire him for some of his traits. With Judie talking about being dumped over two dozen times, that gets Scarlet thinking about his own non-existent romantic life as people of this age will do. He’s amusingly interrupted on time by a girl with a present for him that disappears as suddenly as she appears and I like the way he just views the whole thing in the best of ways, not realizing that he’s actually been targeted as the girl is an assassin. Suffice to say, the cast is slowly fleshing out nicely.

In Summary:
Ozmafia expands things a bit while still keeping it to Scarlet as the primary character as we see the academy through his eyes. As with past episodes there isn’t a whole lot here when you get down to it but it’s well handled in what they’re doing since it’s not overly rushed or paced in a way to be frustrating. There’s a laid back aspect to this that’s nice and I’m curious about this new girl and her potential to mess with the boys of the academy a bit more.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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