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Amanchu! Episode #05 Anime Review

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Amanchu! Episode #5
Amanchu! Episode #5

Training day.

What They Say:
Episode #5: “The Story of the First Time at Sea with Friends”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

It must be pigtail day for the girls, they both have their hair up at the start of this episode.  Fortunately for them, it’s also training day, so it was a happy coincidence they had their hair up. The instructor and club advisor Mato-sensei orders Teko and Pikari to get out there and build up their endurance! Teko could barely walk after the short diving practice because of the weight of all that gear. So it’s into tracksuits and out to the schoolyard to run laps around the campus.

It’s incredibly obvious that the two upperclassmen who are also members of the diving club are the twins we’ve previously met. The girl is named Ai, and she’s a firebrand who wants to punish the underclassmen who broke into the club room. Her brother, Makoto, is calmer and the victim of his sister’s unfocused outrage. Seriously, he takes more hits from her in this episode than I’ve seen in some episodes of fighting anime.

The underwear incident from the previous episode is not forgotten, much to Pikari’s intense and visceral embarrassment. Upon becoming the unintentional focus of Ai’s rage, the girls attempt to escape, and the chase is on. That’s one way to get the training they needed, it’s great motivation at the very least. I have to wonder how Futaba got into a position where her track pants ended up down around her ankles. Ai might be ready to forgive the two, but she’s concerned that they’re too unpredictable for diving. This is after she saw Pikari’s prowess as a sub-instructor. Meanwhile, our two heroines are absolutely terrified of Ai, especially since Mato-sensei isn’t doing anything to stem the fury.

Which leads into the first club meeting. Rather than have it in the club room they take over an empty second-year classroom. Planning out their schedule to bring Teko up to speed, they set a goal for her to achieve her open water diving certification by summer break. With a goal firmly in place and bento devoured, the meeting devolves into a drawing context between Pikari and Ai. In no time they’ve covered the entire chalkboard with a mural of the ocean, and Futaba is invited up to color it in. This is where the episode title comes from. It’s a nice team building exercise for when the group isn’t in the water.


In Summary:
Amanchu takes a step back to prepare its new recruits for the rigors of diving. The whole episode is pretty funny with the antics of the entire club, and the fact that the cast seems to change up their wardrobe is a nice detail the animators toss in there. The animation team manages to keep this low key show lively even when there’s no ocean in sight. Now that we’ve got a firmer grasp on Pikari and Teko, we’re introduced to our last two club members in more depth as well. I feel that it’s a bit rare for friend groups to be split between grades, so it’s interesting to see how the team dynamic takes shape going forward.

Episode Grade: B +

Streamed by: Crunchyroll


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