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Top Ten Manga Franchise for Spring 2016

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Naruto Volume 72 CoverThe folks at ICv2 put together some really useful things for the retailers to work with when it comes to understanding various sectors of the comics marketplace and all that’s involved with it. Manga may not be a big part overall for most stores, but there’s still plenty of traffic throughout them and it’s good to know what the bookstores are getting involved with as well for trends. One of the things they do every season is to look at the top ten franchise of various sectors and the chart for the manga side has arrived.

As we’ve seen through the New York Times best seller lists, there are some standards here to be sure, the evergreens that go back quite a few years, as well as some of the newer ones such as Tokyo Ghoul and One-Punch ManAttack on Titan may be waning in the eyes of the diehard fans that follow everything, but it’s still a force out there through multiple channels. The list may not be too much of a surprise overall but it does show which publishers have the titles that fans are looking for – and those titles generate a good bit of merchandise. The chart is based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Which franchises are you still keen on?

Top 10 Manga Franchises – Spring  2016
Rank Title Publisher Genre
1 Naruto Kodansha Comics Shonen
2 Tokyo Ghoul VIZ Media Shonen
3 Attack on Titan Kodansha Comics Shonen
4 One Punch Man VIZ Media Shonen
5 One Piece VIZ Media Shonen
6 Fairy Tail Kodansha Comics Shonen
7 Dragon Ball/DBZ VIZ Media Shonen
8 Black Butler Yen Press Shonen
9 Death Note VIZ Media Shonen
10 Sword Art Online Yen Press Shonen
Note: Includes all channels