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Ozmafia Episode #04 Anime Review

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Ozmafia Episode 4“The Cafeteria”

What They Say:
Fuuka is an amnesiac. As she wanders through the unfamiliar town, she realizes that she’s being chased. It’s one of the mafia families running the town — the Oz family — that saves her. In a town where friendship and fighting exist together, Fuuka must decide who’s hand to accept. And then there’s the question: why doesn’t she remember anything?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Digging into more of what Scarlet’s life is like in this situation, the fun of the cafeteria is up next with all its hurdles and challenges. From amusing cafeteria ladies that run the place and are fairly shoujo-y in their view of life to the stress of where to sit and with who. Scarlet’s doing his best to fit in at this point but is still feeling pretty much isolated outside of the couple of weirdoes that we’ve seen. His luck doesn’t work well as he ends up accidentally sitting at a table with Caesar who is pretty much one of the more intense personalities in the place. It’s cute to see how they play off of each other and as Heidi arrives to chastise Caesar, and we get a little more weirdness with Axel and his comical breakfast arriving.

In Summary:
Ozmafia gives us a little more strangeness to work with here and it does what it needs to pretty well. These are all small and basic setup pieces that you’d get over the course of a single episode of a full-length show done up in bite sized pieces here. It’s cute but empty because of that, though I’m still enjoying the show just for what it does accomplish and the actual animation quality that I simply find appealing. It’s a very, very, light show when it comes to character and story though.

Grade: C-

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