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Kouji Seo’s ‘Fuuka’ Anime Adaptation Coming

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FuukaKouji Seo is best known among a certain segment of anime fandom for his creation Suzuka, which was adapted from the manga into an anime. That and a few other properties to his name over the years tend to be a bit more fanservice oriented while playing up emotional elements, earning him a bit of a reputation. While Suzuka finished back in 2007, Seo came back with a new series serving as a sequel to it with Fuuka that began in February 2014 that Crunchyroll has been doing simulpub work with and that Kodansha Comics has been bringing out digitally to other platforms.

Now, the series is apparently making the leap to anime form as an early scan of Shounen Magazine has surfaced that shows the lead characters in states of undress celebrating the news.

Plot concept: New meetings always come suddenly! The protagonist, Yuu Haruna, moves into a new town where he meets a somewhat strange girl who doesn’t have a cell phone. The girl, Fuuka, seems to have a strange allure that draws people to her, very much like a summer breeze. Looks like Yuu has been caught up in one wild love story!

[Source: YonkouProd]