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New ‘Twin Angel’ Anime Series Coming

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Twin AngelWith a couple of works behind it already, Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel is coming back for more with a planned 2017 run of new material for the property. With the 10th anniversary event held this weekend in Japan, it was revealed that a new TV series will debut in 2017 as well as a mobile game that will be coming. Details for both projects are going to be revealed in October when the larger anniversary event will be held.

The only details revealed now are that Tomoko Kaneda will play Lyrica Asterdale and Mai Nakahara will play Eris Firius.

The property originally kicked off as a two part OVA back in 2008 and then became a full on TV series in 2011, which was first simulcast on Nico Nico and then on Crunchyroll.  A two-part OVA series were released in 2014 as well. The show did not get picked up by any North America anime distributors for a home video release. The previous TV series was animated by JC Staff.

Original Series Concept: Haruka Minazuki and Aoi Kannazuki are not your ordinary high school freshman. While during the day they are active in school activities and studying hard, outside of that they fight the forces of evil and injustice, as the Twin Angel team!

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