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‘New Game’ Anime Adds New Extended Promo

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New GameThe anime adaptation of the New Game manga was brought out most of its information fairly early on after the initial announcements so it’s been a bit quiet ahead of its premiere. With the show scheduled for a July 4th, 2016 debut, Kadokawa has now unveiled a new two-minute promo for the show that digs into it a lot more. They’ve also cut 15-second and 30-second TV/web spots to get out there as well for the quick hit eyeball approach.

The series has set Yoshiyuki Fujiwara to direct based on series composition from Fumihiko Shimo. Ai Kikuchi is on board for character designs and it’ll be animated at Doga Kobo.

The cast includes Yuuki Takada as Aoba Suzukaze, Megumi Yamaguchi as Hifumi Takimoto, Megumi Toda as Hajime Shinoda, Ayumi Takeo as Yun Iijima, Yoko Hikasa as Kou Yagami, Ai Kayano as Rin Tooyama, Eri Kitamura as Shizuku Hazuki, Chitose Morinaga as Umiko Ahagon an Madoka Asahina as Nene Sakura.

The opening theme is “Sakura Skip” by fourfolium while the ending theme is “Now Loading!!!!”, also by fourfolium.

The manga comes from creator Shoutarou Tokunou which began back in the winter 2013 season. There are two compiled volumes of the manga released so far. Tokunou has several works under his belt so far so this is not the first. The magazine is certainly home to familiar properties adapted into anime form such as Hidamari Sketch, Kill Me Baby and A-Channel.

Plot concept: Follow Aoba Suzukaze, a fresh high school graduate that is easily mistaken as a middle school student, as she joins the game company that produced her favorite game as a 3D artist.