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My Hero Academia Episode #12 Anime Review

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My Hero Academia Episode 12They don’t call him “All-Might” for nothing

What They Say:
In the future, mankind is blessed with superhuman abilities called Quirks and in a response to the growing crime rate, superheroing becomes a viable profession. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya dreams of one day becoming a great hero like his idol All-Might, but he was born completely quirkless with no powers at all. However when Deku ends up having a chance encounter with All-Might in the flesh, it changes his destiny forever.

The Review:
Content(warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers): All Might’s finally arrived on the scene, but this heroic entrance doesn’t mean things are finished here just yet. Much like the last couple of episodes, the show is determined to pad out this arc as long as possible, and  a lot the events here kind of suffer for it. This time though, there’s just enough action to compensate, and we finally get to see just why All-Might’s earned his reputation as the strongest hero.

Despite his rather angry-looking entrance last week, All-Might tries to maintain his composure as he reassures everyone that he’ll take care of the villains. He doesn’t waste time in taking out a few of them out, and the kids have no trouble believing he can turn everything around. Deku on the other hand, knows that All-Might’s already hit his limit for the day, and can tell that he’s just putting up a front to keep the kids from panicking. As’s All-Might’s exhaustion starts to catch up with him, Deku decides to step in and help, but he’s not the only one as Bakugo and a couple of the other students join in the fray. Between all of them it seems as though the villains are finally on the ropes, but Nomu’s abilities prove to be stronger than they’d realized and he quickly turns the table on them.

All of this seems like it’d go by pretty fast, but the show’s still trying it’s darndest to drag things out. It does everything from the characters pausing to comment on every action, to outright throwing in flashbacks of events that didn’t even happen all that long ago(which for a 13 episode show is kind of ridiculous) and while it’s not quite as bad as last week’s padding, it still kind of knocks the wind out of what’s happening. Even when the hands guy explains his bizarre ideology behind why he’s doing this (something about heroes and legally enforced violence, but the show’s self aware enough for all the characters to dismiss it as nonsense) it’s kind of lost in the noise of the episode, and drags on a little longer than it needs to.

For all of those issues though, the show more than makes up for it in one of it’s last scenes, as All-Might pushes himself to the limit to take down Nomu. I said last week that the show’s been slouching when it comes to superb action animation considering that it’s a BONES title, but this sequence really pulls out all the stops as the framework goes out of it’s way to emphasize the force behind each one of All-Might’s blows before the last one sends Nomu literally flying into orbit. It’s hard to stay frustrated after seeing something as awesome as that, and I’m really glad the staff decided to go all out in making this arc’s big climax as glorious as possible. However it’s not over just yet as All-Might’s last hurrah has pretty much completely drained him of power, and considering he’s still trying to keep his limitations a secret, this bit of bad timing makes for a good cliffhanger as we head into the last episode.

In Summary: All-Might’s finally made his big entrance, but this arc’s pacing issues still remain as the show does all it can to stretch out the material here. Thankfully the show has more than enough in the way of sheer spectacle to make up for it, and All-Might’s big brawl with Nomu is easily the most impressive looking action sequence the show’s pulled out this far. Unfortunately for All-Might though, this bit of showing off has it’s price, and makes for a good set-up to the final episode, as he’s closer than ever to having his big secret exposed.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Funimation, Hulu

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