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Happinet Schedules ‘Dear Brother’ Blu-ray Anime Box Set

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Dear Brother
Dear Brother

Happinet is digging into its archives a bit for a new Blu-ray release to come out later this year with Dear Brother getting the treatment. The complete box set is scheduled for an October 4th, 2016 release where it’ll be priced at 42,120 yen for the full fun of episodes. The set will have five discs and will come with Japanese subtitles – though we hope that the subtitles Anime Sols created for the show will be included. The extras at the moment include newly recorded staff and cast interviews, a comparison scene with the storyboards, the pilot film, and the clean opening and closing sequences.

Known as Oniisama e… in its original Japanese release, it’s based on the three volume shojo manga series by Riyoko Ikeda that was published back in 1975. The anime adaptation didn’t come until 1991 where it ran for thirty-nine episodes at Tezuka Productions with the incomparable Osamu Dezaki directing it for the company.

Check out our thoughts on the first batch of episodes here.

Plot concept: Seiran Girl’s High School’s sorority is the most prestigious social group on campus. When Nanako gets invited to join, it seems like a dream come true. But she will soon discover the cost of popularity, in this classic shoujo drama by the same creator as Rose of Versailles.

Dear Brother Blu-ray Packaging
Dear Brother Blu-ray Packaging

[Source: Oniisama e… (Dear Brother)]

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