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Pan de Peace! Episode #11 Anime Review

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Pan de Peace! Episode 11“Let’s Swim”

What They Say:
Pan de Peace! focuses on the bread-loving girl Minami, who is starting high school and loves to eat bread for breakfast, along with her friends Yuu, Fuyumi, and Noa.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Pan de Peace embedded Mai more directly the last time around in the group and it worked well enough since they all have some obvious shared interests and I like the touch of friction she brings to the group. As we near the end of the series, this one takes us back to school where it’s a swimming section for gym class and there are some problems for a couple of them that aren’t able to swim well, to say the least. The solution is to head to the water park to practice a bit, which means lots of swimsuits, cleavage, and a couple of fanservice shots to delight fans as we take the bread out of the girls for a bit. It’s cute watch Mai with all of this since she hid her inability to swim but wanted to come so she could be close to Noa. It’s about what you’d expect from the usual silliness here.

In Summary:
With a bit of an upping of the fanservice aspect simply because they’re all in swimsuits, it’s a nice change of pace overall because it’s not about bread or hanging around the shops with the kinds of “problems” that they’ve had for the most part. Shifting it here may just be a fanservice grab, something that they probably should have done earlier in the series to grab a few more eyeballs, but it works well enough here to make you smile and enjoy it.

Grade: C+

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