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Kaze Deutschland Reschedules More ‘Dragon Ball Z Kai’ Anime Box Sets

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Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 2 UK DVD HeaderAfter picking up the rights last year and then scheduling and releasing the first there sets, Kaze Deutschland is now moving into the next phase with their release as some delays were inevitable. The fourth box was originally planned for a May release with the fifth in July and sixth in September, which would have brought the series to conclusion. These sets are all now bumped back several months with a planned August 26th, 2016, October 28th, 2016, and January 27th, 2017 release. The layouts remain the same with episode counts that are roughly fourteen per.

Check out the artwork for the first three sets below to see how Toei is keeping these fairly consistent across multiple distributors and regions.

FUNimation has previously released the series in this format beginning back in 2012 and finishing in early 2013 with four season sets total for this streamlined 98 episode series. Manga UK recently picked up the series for release there.

Plot concept: Goku, Earth’s greatest champion, bravely defends humanity against an invading race of warriors known as the Saiyans. When the mighty hero falls, his young son Gohan rises up to face the very villains who murdered his father. The battle rages through space to Planet Namek, where Gohan and his overmatched allies risk their lives to defeat the Saiyan warlord Vegeta – and the monster known as Frieza!

Dragon Ball Z Kai German Set 3

Dragon Ball Z Kai German Set 2

Dragon Ball Z Kai German Set 1[Source: Dragon Ball Z Kai]


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