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Tiffany Grant Announces Australian Convention Visit With Matt Greenfield

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Tiffany Grant
Tiffany Grant

While there are a lot of conventions that go on down in Australia that cover a range of fan interests with anime being a big part of it, Madman Entertainment has their first Anime Festival coming up on September 3rd in Melbourne. So they’re looking to draw in some guests that will definitely have appeal for fans down under that haven’t had a chance to see them before.

One of those announcements has landed with a video from Madman that reveals that Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield will be making an appearance there. While she has a wide range of characters played over the years, and Matt’s certainly a draw for the series he directed and his work with ADV Films, there’s also just the chance to get some Evangelion swag signed by them that a lot of older fans have around that may have always wanted to get done.

Frankly, it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost twenty years since she played Asuka in this series! ADV Films began releasing the show on VHS back in the summer of 1997.

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