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Space Patrol Luluco Episode #11 Anime Review

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Space Patrol Luluco Episode 11“I Was Clueless”

What They Say:
Luluco is a normal junior high school girl whose father is a detective at the space patrol. One day, she visits the Ogikubo branch of the space patrol to save her father who is suddenly frozen. But she happens to be assigned as a space patrol by the chief director Overjustice. Wearing a space patrol suit with strange functions, will she able to save her father and keep the peace of Ogikubo from space criminals? And will she fulfill her life as a junior high school student, including love and study?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As we dig into the fourth season of the series, an amusing thing in itself, the drama has ramped up pretty well. With a quick and useful recap at the start, especially reinforcing how Luluco is feeling after learning that Nova essentially fooled her all this time, leaving a bitter taste with her first love, things are pretty bleak as she’s in a really well designed kind of post-apocalyptic hellscape. It takes an interesting approach compared to most other episodes in that it’s very quiet and somber as she deals with being in this post-life place and interacting with her predecessor in the Space Patrol. There’s some decent messaging coming from the guy here about what we choose to be and her working through the betrayal to understand what really happened. It’s a solid done reflective episode that most shows engaging in at this stage of their run and there’s a lot to like with the style of it here.

In Summary:
Space Patrol Luluco works through some of the simpler aspects of being a junior high student and all the emotions involved, made stronger by dying and all that. There are some cute moments to be had here as her attitude turns around, but I like that Trigger essentially took an episode to animate a dead world and just have fun in bringing it out in such great form that you want a lot more of it. The show works a darker turn for a lot of it which makes the upbeat and comedy side return in the final moments even better. That’s right, it’s not time to die yet, Luluco!

Grade: B