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Pan de Peace! Episode #10 Anime Review

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Pan de Peace! Episode 10“Intriguing Girl”

What They Say:
Pan de Peace! focuses on the bread-loving girl Minami, who is starting high school and loves to eat bread for breakfast, along with her friends Yuu, Fuyumi, and Noa.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The addition of Mai makes its presence known this time around once again as she ended up following Noa, being quite into her of course, and that has lead her to where everyone else. And that doesn’t quite fly for a certain someone, especially as Mai brings more bread with her. Of course, Fuyumi is quite into it even against her better judgment and that leads to plenty of love about bread and all the fixings, which brings the two closer to being friends of some sort. Noa’s going to be the problem though since Mai is all about her and how utterly cute she is.

In Summary:
Pan de Peace has some cute moments here as we see Fuyumi and Mai coming to a non-verbalized agreement on how they’ll interact with each other through their mutual love of bread and all that it entails. It’s cute to watch them go back and forth as the other girls watch on, more aware of what’s happening than Mai and Fuyumi are. The end result brings us to a decent place, and we’re not talking about the public bath scene either, though some will surely like that.

Grade: C+

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