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Crane Game Girls Episode #10 Anime Review

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Crane Game Girls Episode 10Flip that table, girl!

What They Say:
“Flip the World”

The Crane Game Girls’ identities have been revealed to the world, and they’re well on their way to becoming the idols they dreamed they’d be… but only if they can master a new technique without the boss’s advice!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Working a hot spring episode into the series wasn’t a surprise, though at least the training made sense and it didn’t spend all of its time in the spring itself. With this episode, we get the follow-up with the world realizing what’s coming their way and the reveal of the girls playing the crane games that generated the light that stopped the initial asteroid. That gives them the fame that they crave, though obviously they just want to be idols. But the path to being an idol takes many paths. With Saya away, the trio are taking directions directly from the gorilla about their training as they have one more thing to master. Suffice to say, it’s amusing to watch them working at it without someone to guide them as there’s a touch of infighting that crops up, making for a table flip. The pressure is on and the world is watching, something that they’re not exactly ready for.

In Summary:
Crane Game Girls are getting closer to their big mission to save the world so that they can continue to live and be idols. Their training takes a mildly different turn this time around without Saya here but the core is the same in that they have to master the latest move all while not destroying the bonds of friendship. Simple but effective and in the end the right kind of silly that this show has managed to work from the get go.

Grade: C

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