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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode #10 Anime Review

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Jojo Episode 10“It’s like harmony, or like a harmony of tastes! It’s kind of like a Simon and Garfunkel duet!”

What They Say:
Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food is by far the Jojo-iest episode that Diamond is Unbreakable has had to offer so far. While the episode itself is very much a one-off, it takes every aspect that’s come to define Jojo and it does it incredibly well.

On the way to visiting the elder Nijimura brother’s grave, Okuyasu and Josuke decide to take a detour to a new restaurant in town—Trattoria. Upon entering, however, the two already find something rather suspect in that the restaurant’s owner and cook, Tonio, refuses to offer any menus and instead prepares food based on the customer’s current condition.

This is where the story takes a turn for the bizarre.

Focusing on Okuyasu, Tonio notices quite the number of ailments about him: lack of sleep, back problems, athlete’s foot, diarrhea… but nothing that some grade-A food cannot remedy. As Tonio brings out dish after dish, Okuyasu’s ailments begin to be remedied in the most bizarre ways possible. From being hit with uncontrollable crying, to cavity teeth shooting out from his mouth, every one of Okuyasu’s minor bodily annoyances are healed in the most (initially) violent manner possible. And all witnessed by none other than Josuke, who is only getting an inkling of suspicion about the chef’s cooking.

Not Okuyasu, though. As horribly brutal as the dishes’ after-effects are, he insists to friend Josuke that the food is doing him more good than harm, going into yelp-reviewer-levels of detail on each meal. The constant back-and-forth between Okuyasu gushing over each new plate presented to him, followed by the bizarre twist the food takes on his body makes for a perfect mix of oddly word-heavy and incredibly visceral food after-effects that only Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure could successfully pull off.

jojo s410_02

What’s more, as obviously strange as Tonio’s food-effects are on Okuyasu, it’s entertaining seeing Josuke hold back at first, willing to slip such blatant oddities under the rug for the time being. The level of uncertainty when it comes to Tonio’s true intentions make for an interesting plot thread to follow throughout the episode, with everything tying up to a satisfying (and unexpected!) conclusion come the episode’s final act. It makes for a nice blend of horror-style paranoia on top of an already thoroughly entertaining episode.

In Summary:
Episode 10 of Diamond is Unbreakable takes everything iconic about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and meshes it all into one top-notch episode. Alongside its terrific animation, we’re treated to a rather strange scenario only made stranger as it blends elements of horror with heavy amounts of dialogue that come off as comical as they aim to be. The end result is a beautiful mix of fear, amusement, and the unexpected by the episode’s end.

Grade: A+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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