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Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode #21 Anime Review

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Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 21The final mission begins

What They Say:

Koro Sensei has one more project planned to close out the year with his beloved E Class, but the government’s own plans threaten to get in the way.

The Review:
 (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):

So after some minor romantic detours, it’s crunch time for Assassination Classroom as we head into the final arc. The deadline for Korosensei’s assassination is fast approaching and the government is finally ready to unveil their big master plan to take him out. This makes for the class’s most dangerous situation and one whose outcome could leave a lasting impact on them.

 Things start off on a fairly light note as Nagisa and the others have all been accepted into their chosen high schools and Nagisa tells Korosensei about his newfound desire to be a teacher. With the year winding down, Korosensei decides that now would be a good time to make a special yearbook with the kids and commemorate their time together. Like always, this is all mostly played for laughs, (with the  best gag being Karasuma’s reaction to seeing how much Irina can’t wait to move in with him) but it’s also pretty nice to see them so relaxed after how much has happened to them lately.

It all just proves to be the calm before the storm, though, as the government begins their final operation to take out Korosensei. Said final operation involves a giant satellite laser specially designed to destroy him, but when that fails to do the job, they resort to Plan B: trapping him with a laser net and thus ensuring he won’t be able to escape the satellite laser…after it finishes recharging in another week. It’s…not a very inventive plan, but it certainly makes for enough suspense as Korosensei looks like he’s seriously trapped this time.

However, the real kicker here is when the government publicly announces Korosensei’s existence, framing him both for the moon’s destruction and having taken the kids as his hostages. While they try to tell everyone what’s really going on, no one believes they’re anything more than victims and that Korosensei is just a ruthless monster. Even though this is a pretty obvious twist, it’s still pretty heartbreaking to see such a horrible spin being put on the relationship they’ve built with Korosensei, and I’m glad the show waited this long to pull it since it’s a lot more effective after seeing how much he’s helped them all over the show’s run. Needless to say, they’re all desperate to rescue him, but Karasuma decides to side with the government on this one and tells them not to cause him any grief. Of course, at this point, we know Karasuma wouldn’t really betray them, and neither does Nagisa as he realizes that Karasuma telling them not to cause any problems means that he trusts them enough to do something about this. Now it’s time for the class to start their own mission, as the final race to save Korosensei begins.  

In Summary:

The year is winding down for Class E and the group decides to look back on their year together by making a yearbook album. Sadly, those plans end up getting put on hold when the government unveils their final weapon against Korosensei, and turns the whole world against him. Now it’s a race against the clock to save Korosensei, and with more on the line that ever, this is one that Class E can’t afford to lose.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Funimation, Hulu

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