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‘Serial Experiments Lain’ Anime Getting UK Blu-ray Release

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Serial Experiments Lain Blu-ray Box SetMVM Entertainment has added another Blu-ray only release that we’ll be seeing from them this year with the pickup of Serial Experiments Lain. The show previously had DVD releases in the UK so they’re not looking to see if there are people still interested in on that format knowing that most folks are looking for the high definition release.

The release brings the thirteen episode series out in one Blu-ray box set that will include the original Japanese language track and the previously created English language dub.

You can read our review of the North American Blu-ray release here.

Plot concept: Lain Iwakura appears to be an ordinary girl with almost no experience with computers. Yet the sudden suicide of a schoolmate and a number of strange occurrences conspire to pull Lain into the world of the Wired, where she gradually learns that nothing is what it seems to be… not even Lain herself.

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