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Pan de Peace! Episode #08 Anime Review

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Pan de Peace! Episode 8“The New Bakery”

What They Say:
Pan de Peace! focuses on the bread-loving girl Minami, who is starting high school and loves to eat bread for breakfast, along with her friends Yuu, Fuyumi, and Noa.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With some simple but fun cuteness behind it and some basic level bonding to get us to like the girls better, Pan de Peace moves further into its back half in straightforward ways. This one has Noa discovering a new bakery that she checks out and enjoys, meeting a girl her age named Mai Kawai. The two connect quickly since they have the bond over bread and she ends up bringing a lot of it back for the others to try, which doesn’t exactly enamor Minami. Amusingly, they’re wanting her to bring back more to sample since they do all love bread in a big way. Minami is pretty cute in trying to get Mai to knock it off and we get Noa almost as as a pet that they’re arguing over, which Noa is generally more than fine with since it just reinforces her own cuteness.

In Summary:
Bringing in a new character is no surprise nor is it that she’s competition of sorts that gets Minami all in a flurry about dealing with it, though mostly because Noa is taken with a new bread location she can frequent and add to her route. Mai is certainly standard fare cute and the interactions between her and Minami are certainly fun to watch since there’s plenty going on there all while Noa watches on and just waits for the rewards from both. Rewards being more bread, of course. Light and fluffy like the goods themselves, Pan de Peace doesn’t strain but provides some cute but empty filling.

Grade: C+

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