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‘Saki’ Manga Gets Fifth Spin-off With Toki Storyline

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Saki TokiWhile fans of the Saki property finally got a chance to start owning some of the manga in English last December thanks to Yen Press, Ritz Kobayashi is ensuring that there will be more to come for some time. The author has a new spin-off series coming out on June 25th in Monthly Big GanGan with artist Meki Meki for a Toki series, focusing on that character specifically. The chapter will come with a color page to celebrate its arrival and it’ll be a two-chapter debut that also comes with a bonus supplement.

With a twenty-five episode first series and a twelve-episode spin-off anime series several years ago, the original manga has fifteen volumes to its name and four spin-off series that have ended their respective arcs.

Plot concept: The new manga will focus on Toki Onjōji, a team member of the mahjong team of Senriyama Girl’s High, the strongest school in the Kansai region, and ranked #2 in Japan.

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