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The Fandom Post Is Looking For Anime, Comics, Manga, TV Reviewers

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ReviewersThe Fandom Post is currently looking for people interested in reviewing for either comics (in digital form) and manga (in print form) as well as anime reviewers wanting to delve into simulcast or home video releases. And anyone looking to expound on genre TV shows as well. Frankly, we’re obviously looking to bulk up the staff a bit.

For anime reviewers, let us know your preference for simulcast or home video (both is fine as well). We look for reviews that can take a look at a show that you enjoy but can be critical of – i.e. we’re not looking for hatefests but a critique, in the format that we use so we can get a handle on your style. With simulcast reviews we provide access to the main three services and for home video side you get to keep everything you review.

For manga reviewers, we get a good range of books from publishers and have a bit of a backlog we’re looking to clear out as well. There’s a good mix of one-offs and ongoing series that we’re looking for people to take on and new series starting up all the time. We’ve got a good range of reviewers, many of which have been with us for years, but are always looking for new voices within our framework.

For comic book reviewers, these are more along the lines of non-superhero books such as things from Dark Horse Comics, Valiant, Black Mask, Archie Comics and Dynamite rather than the big two, though if you have books you’re getting yourself that you’d like to review and have posted, we’re all for that as well. We’re dealing primarily in digital review copies through multiple sources, some of which come to us months before release. So if you’re interested in sampling a wide variety of material, writing cleanly about it and interacting with a growing audience of comic book fans, let’s talk.

With TV reviews, these tend to be things that existing reviewers working in the other mediums do to complement their writing as it’s a different structure and style. I love genre TV but there are so many hours in the day and some great shows get missed because of it, so we’d like to bump up coverage. We can work with different ways to provide compensation there.

Send us a sample review done similar to the style of our existing reviews for either comics ormanga to [email protected] and let us know a bit about yourself and what you’re interested in. There’s always crossover potential as well to other areas of the site, but right now we’re focused on getting more comics coverage and who doesn’t love free comics?

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