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‘Shuffle!’ Anime Returns to Hulu

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Shuffle Hulu HeaderFunimation’s revival of shows on the Hulu service is welcome as it reminds us of shows from years past that are definitely worth revisiting. One that was on the service previously and had its last home video release back in 2011 is Shuffle!, which now has its twenty-four episode run available in both dubbed and subtitled form.

The series originally aired in the summer 2005 season with Xebec and Asread producing the animation. It was directed by Naoto Hosoda with Hidetsugu Hirayama serving as the chief animation director and character designer working off the game designs from Navel.

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Plot concept: Rin’s a lucky guy. Whether down the hall, next door, or from another realm, girls seem to be everywhere – and they all want Rin for themselves! He lives with Kaede, a beautiful sweetheart who pampers him constantly. Sia and Nerine have arrived from distant supernatural lands seeking his hand in marriage. Oh, and they both moved in next door! Now the competition for Rin’s affections begins, and no matter which girl wins, there’s no way Rin can lose!