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Pan de Peace! Episode #06 Anime Review

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Pan de Peace! Episode 6Every jog should include snacks along the way.

What They Say:
Pan de Peace! focuses on the bread-loving girl Minami, who is starting high school and loves to eat bread for breakfast, along with her friends Yuu, Fuyumi, and Noa.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As a light and fluffy filling, Pan de Peace certainly serves up something that makes me smile from week to week. With this installment, the show shifts its focus to Fuyumi as she’s struggling with the weight problem. Not that she really has one but every kilogram can bother some to no end because of their view of themselves. So seeing her friends working to help as she struggles with exercise is definitely cute and shows the newly forming bonds among the group. It’s cute how see Yuu chastising Fuyumi for not being ladylike (because truly, ladylike is different for each person) but we also see how the group works to help her out at the shop with melon breadmaking.

In Summary:
We get a range of bonding moments for the girls that are super compressed – the show could stand to be a minute longer to pace things better – and it’s just fun to watch them since it essentially takes the small and cute moments from a bigger show and serves us just that. The result is that the show makes you smile even if it’s not a filling work. It’s a tasty little delight that delivers in its own way.

Grade: C+

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