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Manga Creator Toshio Maeda Takes Us Through Fewture Shop

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Toshio MaedaToshio Maeda is certainly one of the more well-known manga creators out there with an array of works over the years from the 80’s and 90’s, particularly with the UUrotsukidoji franchise among others, and that makes his ten-minute interview piece with toco toco all the more fun as they find a creative way to slip in a tentacle or two. Maeda’s works are definitely the defining pieces of the 80’s with the manga and the adaptations into the 90’s certainly set the tone around the world as it pushed the boundaries.

With this session, recorded in the summer of 2015, he takes us through one of his favorite places with Fewture Shop.

“Fewture Shop is situated in Akihabara, at the 7th floor of the Radio Kaikan building. It is a building well-known by manga and anime lovers, including tourists who come there to buy figures, DVDs or anime related goods. Inside you will find figures that are popular among foreigners such as the Grendizer and the Getter Robo G. Some figures are also exclusively available in this shop. Some figures have been made by Takeya Takayuki, the designer of Garo series.”

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