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Anime & Gamer’s Guide Talks Final Fantasy Internet Cafe

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Final Fantasy CafeIt continues to be pretty enjoyable doing these revisits to the past as some things are still pretty relevant while others fuel the nostalgia aspect of things. The Anime Today podcast continues to bring the interview pieces to YouTube form so that you can take in the stories easily, especially if you’re not a podcast person yourself. The latest one to get added is the Anime and Gamer’s Guide to Japan segment which originally was put together back in February 2006 with hosts Kris and Judy. This installment digs into their time finding and seeing what the Final Fantasy Internet Cafe was like!

This one continues into their trip to Japan and what they experienced and went through while talking about the anime and gaming side of it. It’s not exactly a travelogue in a big way since it’s just under ten minutes, but it’s the kind of stuff that definitely gets you enthused for wanting to make the trip – just not the flight!

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